36. Jalapenos, salsa & sour cream

37. Green chilies, bacon, tomato & Cheddar

38. Green chilies, tomato & Jack

39. Green chilies, Jack cheese & sour cream

40. Taco meat, pepper Jack, salsa & sour cream

41. Taco meat, tomato & Cheddar

42. Taco meat, tomato, mushrooms & Cheddar

43. Chorizo, pepper Jack, salsa & sour cream

44. Chorizo, onion & Cheddar

45. Chorizo, mushroom & Jack

46. Chorizo, green pepper & Jack

47. Chorizo, green pepper & salsa

48. Chili & Jack

49. Chili, tomato & Jack

50. Chili, mushroom & Jack

All of our omelettes are prepared with three  farm fresh eggs from Willamette Egg Farms.  All omelettes are served with hash browns or fruit and choice of toast, biscuit or one of our homemade muffins.  Two egg omelettes are available on request for 50 cents less.  Cholesterol-free eggs on request for an additional 75 cents.

*Marion County Health Advisory: Consumption of raw or undercooked animal products (eggs, beef, pork etc...) increases the risk of foodborne illness.



 Omelettes- Our Specialty

*Marion County Health Advisory: Consumption of raw or undercooked animal products (eggs, beef, pork etc...) increases the risk of foodborne illness.

*Marion County Health Advisory: Consumption of raw or undercooked animal products (eggs, beef, pork etc...) increases the risk of foodborne illness.

For our guests 60 years and older with a smaller appetite

*Marion County Health Advisory: Consumption of raw or undercooked animal products (eggs, beef, pork etc...) increases the risk of foodborne illness.

8. Ham

9. Ham, asparagus & Swiss

10. Ham, mushroom & Swiss

11. Ham, green pepper, onion & Cheddar

12. Ham, tomato & Cheddar

13. Ham & Cheddar

14. Ham, turkey & Swiss

15. Ham, asparagus, tomato & cream cheese

16. Ham, asparagus, tomato & Swiss

17. Ham & pineapple

18. Ham, pineapple & Jack

19. Ham, pineapple, green pepper & Cheddar



72. Pepperoni

73. Pepperoni & Mozzarella

74. Pepperoni, green pepper & Mozzarella

75. Pepperoni, sausage, tomato & Jack

76. Pepperoni, mushroom, olive & Jack

77. Pepperoni, green pepper, tomato & Swiss

78. Linguica

79. Linguica & Cheddar

80. Linguica, onion & Swiss

81. Linguica, bacon & Cheddar

82. Linguica, sauerkraut, tomato & Swiss

83. Linguica, mushroom & Jack


Belgian Waffle

French Toast

Three buttermilk pancakes

Three blueberry or buckwheat or honey wheat or multigrain pancakes

Fruit topped waffle, French toast or pancakes

Belgian waffle or French toast or pancake breakfast includes one egg*, two bacon* strips or two sausage links



99. Chicken livers

100. Chicken livers, bacon & Cheddar

101. Chicken livers, bacon, mushroom   & Cheddar

102. Chicken livers, mushroom & Cheddar

103. Mushroom

104. Mushroom & Cheddar

105. Mushroom, olive & Cheddar


106. Bacon, ham, sausage, Cheddar & gravy

107. Roast beef, grn. pepper, onion & Swiss

108. Chicken fried steak, Cheddar & gravy

109. Chicken, bacon, broccoli & Cheddar


Buttermilk biscuit

Variety muffin

Small hash browns

One slice of toast



28. Sausage

29. Sausage & Cheddar

30. Sausage, mushroom & Cheddar

31. Sausage, mushroom, tomato & Cheddar

32. Sausage, green pepper, salsa & Cheddar

33. Sausage, mushroom & onion

34. Sausage, onion, preen pepper

35. Sausage, onion, green pepper & Cheddar

Country gravy

Sausage patty

Hamburger patty*

Two links or two bacon

Burgers are served with dressing, pickle, tomato and lettuce; onion on request.  All items are served with choice of fries, onion rings, salad, cottage cheese or soup.

Chef Salad- salad greens, diced turkey and ham, tomatoes, Swiss and Cheddar cheese topped with a hard boiled egg

Soup & Salad-   salad greens, diced tomatoes and Cheddar cheese with a cup of soup of the day

Shrimp Salad- salad greens, bay shrimp, diced tomatoes, Swiss and Cheddar cheese and topped with a hard boiled egg

Turkey Almond Salad- salad greens, diced turkey and tomatoes with Swiss and Cheddar cheese topped with almonds

Chicken Strips- two pieces of chicken with choice of soup or salad & fries or hash browns

Cod Fillets- two pieces of cod fillet with choice of soup or salad & fries or hash browns

Half Sandwich-   choice of smoked ham, roasted turkey or tuna w/ Swiss or Cheddar cheese, served with fries, soup or salad



Three egg omelette with spinach, zucchini, mushrooms and cheddar

cheese topped with Hollandaise sauce! 



6.  Mac & Cheese with fruit 

7.  Two fish fillets & fries served with our house made tartar sauce

8.  Two chicken strips & fries with choice of dipping sauce

9.  Five mini corn dogs with fries

10.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich served with fries

   11.  Grilled Cheese Sandwich and fries



1.  One egg* with choice of bacon* or sausage links & toast

2.  Kid size pancakes (three) with choice of bacon* or sausage links

3.  One egg* with fruit and choice of biscuit, toast or homemade muffin

4.  One egg*, small hash brown with choice of bacon* or sausage links

5.  French toast (two slices) with choice of bacon* or sausage links

Kids' Menu

 Sour Cream

 Cream Cheese



 Hollandaise Sauce



Oatmeal w/ toast or fruit

Biscuits & Gravy

Eggs Benedict*  (Ask us about our Build-A-Benedict)

Hobo Scramble

Corned Beef Hash, eggs* with biscuit & gravy

Chicken Fried Steak, eggs*, hash browns with biscuit & gravy

Breakfast Burrito with choice of meat, choice of hash browns or fruit with salsa & sour cream

#1-10 Served with hash browns or fruit and choice of biscuit & gravy, toast, homemade muffin or two pancakes

One pancake

Fruit dish

Two eggs*

One slice of French toast

For our guests 10 years and younger, includes a small kids' drink.  Fruit, cottage cheese or salad may be substituted for fries.


Senior Specialties



1. Bacon*or sausage or ham or Polish sausage or "linkon" & two eggs*

2. Steak* (6oz) & two eggs

3. Two egg*  breakfast

66. Turkey

67. Turkey & Cheddar

68. Turkey, mushroom & Cheddar

69. Turkey, green pepper & Cheddar

70. Turkey, bacon & Swiss

71. Turkey, tomato & Swiss

4.  Diced ham and scrambled eggs

5.  Cream cheese and scrambled eggs

6.  Diced ham, cream cheese and scrambled eggs

7.  Spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and salsa

8.  Bacon, green pepper, onion and cheddar cheese

9.  Chorizo, onion, green chilies,Jack cheese, sour cream and salsa

10.  Shrimp, tomatoes, chives, cheddar cheese and hollandaise sauce

20. Bacon

21. Bacon, mushroom, tomato & Cheddar

22. Bacon & Cheddar

23. Bacon, mushroom, olive & Cheddar

24. Bacon, tomato & Cheddar

25. Bacon, mushroom & Cheddar

26. Bacon, asparagus & Cheddar

27. Bacon, pineapple & sausage

1. Plain

2. Swiss, Jack & Cheddar

3. Tomato & Cheddar

4. Tomato, onion & Cheddar

5. Tomato, asparagus & Jack

6. Tomato, pineapple & Jack

7. Tomato, mushroom & Jack

52. Spinach

53. Spinach & Cheddar

54. Spinach, onion & sausage

 55. Spinach, bacon & Cheddar

56. Spinach, mushroom & Jack

57. Spinach, sausage & mushroom

58. Spinach, green pepper & olive

59. Spinach, zucchini, Cheddar

60. Spinach, zucchini, tomato & Cheddar

61. Zucchini

62. Zucchini & Cheddar

63. Zucchini, sausage & Cheddar

64. Zucchini, mushroom & Cheddar

65. Zucchini, green pepper, onion & salsa

84. Crab

85. Crab & Cheddar

86. Crab, tomato & Cheddar

87. Crab, mushroom & Jack

88. Crab, tomato, chives & Jack

89. Crab, tomato & cream cheese

90. Crab, shrimp, tomato & Cheddar

91. Shrimp

92. Shrimp & Cheddar

93. Shrimp, tomato, chives & Cheddar

94. Shrimp, tomato & cream cheese

95. Oysters (smoked)

96. Oysters (smoked) & cream cheese

97. Oysters (smoked), bacon & Swiss

98. Oysters (smoked), spinach & Cheddar

0. Polish Sausage Dog- Four combos to choose from, ask your server!

1. Hamburger*-1/4 lb. burger with all the trimmings

2. Cheeseburger*-1/4 lb. burger topped with American cheese

3. Special Burger*- Two, 1/4 lb. burger patties for the hearty appetite with American cheese

4. Mushroom Burger*-1/4 lb. burger smothered in fresh mushrooms  and Swiss cheese

5. Bacon Cheeseburger*-1/4 lb. classic cheeseburger with two strips of bacon

6. American Burger*-1/4 lb. burger with grilled ham,  Swiss and American cheese

7. Chili Burger*-1/4 lb. hearty burger smothered in chili; cheese and onion on request

8. BBQ Burger*- 1/4 lb. burger smothered in BBQ sauce, choice of cheese & topped with two onion rings

9. Malibu Burger- Great tasting vegetarian alternative served with fresh avocado

10. Grilled Cheese- Grilled to perfection with American cheese on sourdough

11. Grilled Ham & Cheese- Our classic grilled cheese sandwich with grilled ham on sourdough

12. Grilled Turkey, Bacon & Swiss-Three favorites grilled perfectly on sourdough

13. Grilled Cheeseburger*-A new spin on a classic burger, grilled on sourdough

14. Patty Melt*- 1/4 lb. burger patty, sautéed onions and American cheese on rye

15. Monterey Roast Beef-Roast beef, Jack cheese, green chilies & ranch dressing grilled on sourdough

16. French Dip-Savory roast beef on a French Roll, served au jus

17. Reuben-Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, grilled with our house made 1000 Island dressing

18. Ham or Turkey or Tuna-Choose your favorite with choice of Cheddar or Swiss cheese

19. Tuna Melt-Our Famous grilled tuna with melted Swiss cheese on sourdough

20. B.L.T.-Our thick sliced bacon makes this a Salem favorite!

21. Club House-Triple decker with ham, turkey & bacon

22. Philly Sandwich-Grilled roast beef, sautéed onions & peppers with Jack cheese

23. Grilled Chicken Sandwich-Chicken breast, Swiss cheese with our house made Honey Mustard sauce

24. BBQ Chicken Sandwich-Grilled chicken breast smothered in BBQ sauce, grilled pineapple & cheese

25. Chicken Strips- Three tender pieces of deep fried chicken with your choice of dipping sauce

26. California Chicken Sandwich-Chicken breast, avocado, bacon and melted Swiss cheese

27.Crispy Chicken Club-Seasoned breaded chicken breast, bacon with choice of cheese on sourdough

28. Seafood Platter-Scallops, shrimp, clams & cod, oh my!

29.-Fish Platter- Four pieces of lightly breaded, deep fried cod served with house made tartar sauce